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Wallpaper in 2017?

Did you think wallpaper was only for your grandma's house? Have you seen a recent wallpaper pattern and thought it looked wonderful, but were too scared to use it in your own home? Wallpaper can be a big commitment, especially if you are paying a professional to complete the installation, but it can give a room an amazing designer look. I recommend that you begin with a small room like the powder room. These spaces are always hard to decorate with artwork and empty walls are just too plain. This room is perfect for impressing your guests with a fun and bold print. You can order a large sample and hang it in different areas of your room while you consider it for a week. Also, be sure to get the measurements correct. If you need to order more product, the die lot can be from a different batch and not match your original. And finally, remember to select a wallpaper that compliments the rest of your home, but have fun!

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