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Hot New Storage Idea for your Corner

Have you been looking for better storage in your kitchen's corner? Are you considering all the new accessorizes for a new remodel? Well, the lazy susan has been a great invention for our corners cabinets over the past several decades, but now we have another great option, the corner drawers. These drawers are organized and handy. I have many clients that are tired of bending over to find items on their lazy susan and many of the items fall of the back. The corner drawer does not use all the corner space, but they are wonderful for gaining a large portion. The drawers are easy to store any of your common drawer items like utensils and tupperware, which were near impossible in the old lazy susan. The designer will need to be careful about the adjoining cabinet or appliance that there is room for clearance as they slide open the drawers. A deep appliance like a refrigerator or range would cause a very big problem as the drawers would not open. Which is another reason to hire an experienced designer with many years of training. Good luck.

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